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Simply select a Tree Size or Tree Species or Wreath from the above menu.

Tree Sizes - The tree sizes listed are the minimum height for each category, so when you order a 6’ Christmas tree it will be in the range of 6’0” up to 6’11”. When choosing the size category, remember that a Christmas tree looks best with at least a few inches left between the tree top and the ceiling. It’s always a good idea to first grab a tape measure and check the ceiling height in the area where you will place your tree. Often it is quite different than what you recall.

Tree Stands - You will also have the option of ordering your Christmas tree with or without a tree stand. You can indicate whether you participate in our free Christmas tree stand exchange program. If so, our delivery team will pick up your used stand when we deliver your Christmas tree.

 Phone Orders – To order a specific tree you see on our cameras you will need to call us. We will give you the tree tag inventory number for the Christmas tree you have chosen to enter in the comments section of the order form.


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